Our Brands

starlms logo

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System is specialized in offering easy to navigate, user friendly Learning Management System which address all the requirements of Academies, Schools, Skill Development Training Partners and Corporates.

sdmsexpress logo

Skill Assessment System

An exclusive Assessment Management System for skill development evaluations and specialized at creating process-driven, integrated platforms for skill development centres, training providers, and accrediting agencies.

meritleap logo

Assessment Management System

A comprehensive assessments portal and innovative technology solution for Academies, Schools and Corporates. It offers a different types of exams, multiple question formats with proctoring and exam security features.

skillems logo

Project Management System

A project Management System enables the Skill Development Training Partners / PIA’s to automate the processes of SDMS life cycle from student mobilization to post placement tracking.

readyems logo

Campus Management System

A Campus Management System has been designed to manage all the institutional activities and providing in-depth analysis of the services in addition to students’ performance in lines with Outcome Based Education.

tuitionleap logo

Tutor Management System

TuitionLeap is a web-based tuition management software helps you to manage your tutors, students, payments, calendar and schedules, billing, alerts, reports and administration all in one place.

journalleap logo

Journal Management System

The Journal Leap is a Journal management system for scientific electronic journals. It allows to exchange of information between publishers, doctors, users and service providers like Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies.

mapmylab logo

Diagnostic Appointment System

Diagnostic Appointment System offers a comprehensive platform to book diagnostic tests or health packages online through our list of city-wide partner diagnostic service providers (LABS).

healthhinge logo

Telemedicine and EHR

A Telemedicine platform aims to revolutionize the way healthcare services is being delivered to patients through technology.

surveydice logo

Survey Management System

A platform to conduct surveys globally to ensure your survey reaches just the right audience and provides the most cost effective and quickest survey results.

payrollleap logo

Attendance and Payroll System

PayrollLEAP makes your manual process of employee attendance who works in fields remotely or on sight into automated hassle-free process.

Doculeap logo

Document Management System

A Document Management System helps to create, store, manage, and track electronic documents and images of paper-based documents. It allows to capture, distribute, and edit the documents with versioning and channel workflows.

jobflakes logo

Jobs Management System

Jobflakes is a comprehensive job portal innovative technology solution for the organization for fast, easy-to-use solution taking the hassle out of finding, and hiring, the most qualified candidates.