Learning Management System

  • Upguage LMS is a one-stop solution for all your training and learning needs. Our comprehensive LMS solution is built to fit your business needs with seamlessly interacting modules, it brings together training academy administrators, trainers, and students – all under a single umbrella.

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Upguage LMS allows you to create, and administer courses, upload the course material, run live classes, manage attendance, conduct online tests, and automate other time-consuming tasks. Moreover, you can view and download reports, authorize users, collect online payments, and deliver learning modules across portable devices.


  • Seamless training delivery for your virtual or blended training.
  • Central repository of course content assets
  • E-Commerce and Course Store Management
  • Online assessments with multiple exam formats
  • Certificate management
  • Trainer Management
  • Student Management
  • Batches and Lesson Management
  • Employee and Attendance Management
  • Virtual classrooms and Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Integrations with other applications
  • Marketing & sales tools
  • Lead Management
  • Websites and Landing Pages
  • Multiple User Roles
  • SCORM & AICC Compliance
  • Feedback, Survey and Query Management
  • Most secure platform
  • Reports and Analysis
  • White label your own domain with SSL
  • Community and Engagement
Learning Content Management

Given the heightened value of e-learning programs, training academies worldwide are making sure their courses are accessible and scalable.

With Upguage LMS, you can easily build and deliver courses and have them all stored at a common location. Our cloud-based solution offers a centralized yet personalized approach for learning content management – making the online teaching and learning process hassle-free and straightforward. In addition, we support diverse course content formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Audio, Video, Images, and many more, allowing you the freedom to assemble them into courses.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Design appealing and engaging learning content with pre-built templates.
  • Store all of your learning material at a single location on the cloud instead of spreading out the learning content over multiple devices and locations.
  • Cut down your course content development costs.
  • Use SCORM compliant, intuitive authoring tools to create your learning assets and assemble them into courses.
  • Provide 24x7 access to the learning material to your learners.
  • Select from a variety of content formats – PDF, presentation, text, audio, video, images, URL, etc.
  • Offer blended learning by combining e-learning content with instructor-led-training, and enhance your learner’s engagement.
  • Protect your learning assets.
Exam Management

Upguage LMS provides a simple yet comprehensive online examination management solution for your internal and external assessment needs.

It automates all the examination processes related to building the question bank, assigning a question paper, adding the examination eligibility, executing the exam, and everything in-between.

Examination evaluation with Upguage LMS is accurate and super fast. Therefore, your students can enjoy accessing their mark sheet as soon as they submit the final question.

A perfect solution for your trainers as it saves their time to create tests and track the student’s progress.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Automate the examination schedule.
  • Design online tests in no time.
  • Set up question banks easily with the help of reusable templates.
  • Include a variety of question types for your question bank, including MCQs (Multiple choice questions) and True/False.
  • Enrich your question bank by adding questions that are text-based, image-based, and video-based.
  • Improve the effectiveness of assessments with the help of questions randomization, options randomization, difficulty levels, negative marking, and copy-paste disabling.
  • Include a multi-language pool of questions.
  • Eliminate manual efforts in evaluation by generating an instant result.
  • Set the pass-fail and grading rules for exams.
  • Set the time limit of the exam and no. of attempts to answer questions.
  • Customize the examination approval process as per your company’s requirements.
  • Get a comprehensive report based on the total score, percentage, number of answered questions, missed questions, and many other parameters.
  • Include payment gateway for transacting payments of paid examinations.
Virtual Classroom

Upguage LMS offers an online training and learning environment that allows live interaction between the students and trainers.

A powerful tool which is one of the coolest things to have as it allows real-time collaboration between students and trainers. The students can attend classes while on the go, using whatever device they have. They can ask questions, and connect with their peers, just like they would in a traditional classroom.

The best part is that the virtual classroom by Upguage LMS is accommodative. It means the sessions can be synchronous as well as asynchronous. A synchronous session would have your trainer and learners logged in at the same time. Whereas in the case of an asynchronous session, the participants would log in at their preferred time – by accessing the pre-recorded learning components.

Upguage LMS is built to integrate with popular technologies, we integrate with the apps like Zoom, Webex, WizIQ, Gotomeeting, and many more of your choice.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Offer live training sessions to students with integrated videoconferencing features.
  • Organize blended learning sessions for your students.
  • Schedule and launch virtual classes for batches.
  • Enhance the training environment of your classroom with the support of an interactive whiteboard – that your trainer would need to write, explain, annotate, and collate ideas.
  • Facilitate trainer to manage classes and attendance.
  • Record live classroom sessions and replay them.
  • Give access to archived lessons, tutorials, and other resources to students.
  • Facilitate interactions between students and trainers with the help of features such as polling, survey, quiz, etc.
  • Allow live screen sharing and content sharing in the classroom.
  • Boost collaboration by allowing file sharing, group chats, and multiple screen sharing.
Users and Roles Management

LMS user roles are crucial to assign the appropriate level of access rights and privileges.

Upguage LMS helps you define your organization’s structure and hierarchy by assigning different access rights to learners, trainers, administrators, and super admin.

Upguage LMS allows one user (super admin) the facility to manage and control the entire system, including the permissions and facility to add other roles.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Assign privileges and access rights to roles.
  • Assign roles of trainers, learners, and administrators to active users.
  • Manage daily attendance.
  • Pull reports meant for individual roles.
  • Manage students.
    • Add students manually by using a predefined template to bulk upload or by keying in records of the individual students.
    • Allow self-registration process for students.
    • Assign the students a batch.
    • Assign the students a trainer.
    • Provide access to learning material.
    • Track student’s learning progress.
  • Manage trainers.
    • Assign courses, batches, and classes to the trainers.
    • Provide access to teaching material.
Certificates Management

Streamline the certifications of your training academy with Upguage LMS. It is the best way to recognize the efforts of learners who have completed their course and successfully passed the exams.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Specify rules for certification.
  • Customize the certificate design as per your company's needs.
  • Print, download, and share certificates.
  • Facilitate online certificate verification with QR code.

Upguage offers a perfect solution to monetize your eLearning content.

With an integrated LMS eCommerce module, Upguage makes it easy for you to sell courses and offers a hassle-free buying experience to the learners. From providing promotional pricing, adding discounts and coupons to integrated payment gateways, we will help you monetize your courses in ways you would want.

Our LMS integrates well with the most popular payment gateways – CCAvenue, RazorPay, PayTm, PayUBiz, Stripe, Paypal, and many more.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Bring together browsing and buying of courses under a single umbrella.
  • Help the customer choose courses and put them in the shopping cart.
  • Sell multiple courses in a single purchase.
  • Offer promotional prices, discounts, and coupons to the buyer (learner).
  • Charge the global customer (learner) in their local currency.
  • Get a payment gateway integration of your choice.
  • Personalize the shopping experience of users (learners) with product (course) recommendations.
  • Track purchases and generate revenue reports.
Rich communication tools

Upguage LMS provides various communication tools, to keep the learners engaged and make the training-learning process interactive.

Our communication tools promote not only trainer-student communication but also peer-to-peer communication amongst learners. Understanding that including the right communication tools is the core of online training, Upguage provides excellent knowledge-sharing and a robust learning environment.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Facilitate students to interact and learn from different locations quickly.
  • Allow students to exchange ideas and thoughts on various topics with the help of the Discussion Forum.
  • Offer query management feature to students by which they can raise a query, which can then be responded to, by admin and trainer.
  • Offer a feedback mechanism whereby the learners can submit feedback about the trainer and training quality at regular intervals.
  • Allow admins and trainers to create an event calendar, which students can access.
  • Allow admins to make announcements and students to get notified.
  • Facilitate students to prepare their individual event calendars to track upcoming activities – assessment date, course completion date, etc.
Content Security

Understanding that data safety is one of the primary concerns for any training academy, the Upguage LMS solution ensures your valuable data is completely safe and is accessible to only authorized users.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Disable downloading of e-books if required.
  • Disable cut, copy, paste, and print screen for course content to safeguard copyrights of your intellectual property.
  • Disable cut, copy, paste, and print screen during the online examination as part of anti-cheating measures.
  • Disable navigating out of the exam window once the student logs in.
  • Allow access of content to only authorized students, batches, trainers.
Reports and Analysis

A must-have in any learning solution, Reports and Analytics provides clear insights into the training and learning activities across the LMS platform.

Understanding that online training courses need effective evaluation, built-in reports of Upguage LMS fulfil your reporting and analysis requirements. As a result, you can find the gaps in training quality and take measures to improve quality.

Upguage has built-in reports relevant for individual roles – learners, trainers, administrators, and super-admin.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Get a clear picture of learner participation and progress.
  • Access the online assessments report for an individual student, a batch, or the entire training academy.
  • Check the learner’s satisfaction ratings through their feedback reports.
  • Track online training certifications.
  • Track fee collection reports.
  • Check the trends in course preferences. And more…
What more does Upguage LMS for Training Academies bring to you?

Upguage LMS is the best LMS solution because it makes your students' learning paths personalized. Besides, LMS Admins can focus on improving your course quality instead of manually implementing course delivery. Learners too enjoy this application as it makes them more self-sufficient, and there are no unnecessary restrictions.

Upguage offers:
  • Responsive Design to engage the learners anytime, anywhere, using devices of their choice – smartphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop.
  • Seamless integrations with video conferencing and payment gateways to bring all the SaaS businesses together in one single learning application. Not to mention any integration requirements with your pre-existing applications.
  • Cloud hosting of all your training and learning needs.
  • White labeling to use your company domain name and logo, such that it feels LMS is part of your training academy.
  • Automated training solution by automatically progressing a student to the next module once the student completes one module.
  • Complete data ownership of LMS.