Exams Management System

  • Upguage offers a comprehensive assessments portal and innovative technology solution that provides credible and genuine assessment to various aspects of education and training. It offers a different types of exams, multiple question formats with proctoring and exam security features.

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Upguage Assessment engine is a complete evaluation portal and cutting-edge technology solution that provides reliable and accurate assessments in a variety of fields such as education, training, and employment. We're specialists at creating process-driven, integrated platforms for skill development centres, training providers, and accrediting agencies.

Highlights of the Solutions
  • Management & hosting of different types of question banks viz. Long answers, Practical, Viva, MCQ’s, True or False, MMCQ’s, Scenario based viva, Video based questions, Image based questions, Match the following, flash cards, Questions & options randomization.
  • Student proctoring with screens, videos, photos and signatures to conduct the exams effectively.
  • Multilingual / Localization of the assessment programs with Online and Offline modes.
  • Student proctoring with video and photo tools.
  • Tracking the assessment location, Assessor with mobile app.
  • Most possible security to secure questions through mechanisms viz. Simultaneous Login blocking, Cut, copy and paste blocking & Timeout based logout, Print screen and Alt button blocking, Can’t navigate out of exam, Abnormal system shutdown logouts
Exam Proctoring
  • Candidate exam can be monitored and proctored using our online proctoring tools.
  • Random images of candidate captured in given time interval throughout the exam, Live video of candidate will be available to proctor.
  • Proctor can communicate with candidate and vice versa using in built chatting tools.
  • Proctor can stop, pause and resume the exam of candidate if found malpractice.
Online and Offline Exam
  • Exam can be conducted in both online and offline modes i.e., with internet and without internet connection.
  • There will be an auto sync of data with server whenever the device is connected to internet in which the offline assessments are done.
  • Candidate can attempt the exam in offline mode by using mobile application in secure way.
  • Complete exam logs of candidates are captured right from candidate login to logout.
  • Auto logout from exam screen once allotted time is completed.
Question Bank & Question Types
  • Upguage Assessment Engine offers to upload unlimited questions in any segment.
  • Each question has a difficulty level and a question type assigned to it. MCQ, MMCQ, True/False, Matchings, Mini Case Study, Image based questions, Audio Questions, Fill in the Blanks, and Descriptive answer typing are some of the question kinds.
  • Our unique algorithm and the customer quiz settings combined together will generate question paper by choosing questions from each category and difficulty level.
  • Each student will get different kind of question paper set. All the questions and also options will be randomly displayed to avoid cheating by candidates.
Multilingual & Localization

  • Upguage platform supports linguistic based content on a single click upload.
  • Our standard excel sheet can be used to submit any regional and international language content.
  • Student has facility to switch preferred language at any point of time in exam.
  • Exam logs will identify the language in which student has answered for a particular question.