Learning Management System (LMS)

  • LMS for Skill Development Training Partners

    Our LMS for Skill Development Training Partners offers easy to navigate, user friendly Learning Management System which address all the requirements of Skill Development Training Partners in terms of student management, professors/tutors, administrators, finance and management. It is very effective and efficient in communication, collaboration, management of learning and training. classes with integrated VCR system.

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With the inclusion of diverse government-funded projects in the skill development domain, there is a heightened need for uncomplicated and robust platforms to take care of its unique training management requirements.

Upguage LMS for Skill Development Training Partnersis the perfect solution to this requirement as it transforms the way you deliver skills training.

Instead of having separate, siloed solutions for your student, trainer, course, and placement management needs, Upguage offers a one-stop solution to manage EVERYTHING in a single place.

Rather than relying on your clunky legacy software to manage skill development projects, go for Upguage, as it can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Whether you are looking to address ineffective batch management, hard-to-update student data, poor attendance management, insufficient reporting, lack of data consistency, or incompatibility with portable devices, Upguage solves all your challenges with online solutions.

Upguage empowers you to engage your students and trainers with its user-friendly features.

Highlights of the solution
  • Facilitate online training delivery.
  • Manage the entire student life-cycle at your training organization.
  • Cloud-based repository for all your training assets.
  • Scalable course management.
  • Easy ToT management.
  • Project-based batch management.
  • Resume builder for students.
  • Credible online assessments.
  • Placement Management.
Course Content Management

Skill development courses based on NOS (National Occupational Standard) align with specific job roles. Upguage LMS lets you create courses based on NOSes and assign them with NSQF levels and Qualification Packs.

Upguage LMS is an excellent way to store all your courses on the cloud and make them easily accessible to your students and trainers. Its rich features help you design the course content using a variety of formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Audio, Video, Images, external knowledge links, and many more.

With appropriate permissions to modify, add, and view the course content, Upguage users can build and access course material in the form of e-books, presentations, lecture videos, and assignments.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Build engaging course content with pre-built templates.
  • Upload e-books for students and trainers.
  • Store all the course resources at a single location instead of spreading them out over multiple devices.
  • Create course content assets with the help of an interactive course authoring tool that’s SCORM.
  • Make sure your content is not restricted to only one or two formats. Instead, you can choose from a range of formats – PDF, PPT, text, audio, video, images, URL, etc.
  • Save expenses on printing, distribution, and wastage (in case of unused printed course content) of course material.
  • If required, opt to disable cut, copy, paste, and print screen options for users while they access the course content. This helps you safeguard copyrights of your company’s intellectual property.
  • Allow access of course material to only authorized students, batches and trainers.
Learning Delivery

As we know that the purpose of a learning management system is to empower the organizations with training delivery, Upguage LMS offers the most effective way to manage learning delivery for your students.

While the LMS administrators can use Upguage to provide hassle-free access to the course material, learners use the product to access the material, go through it, complete the assigned course, and measure their progress.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Provide 24x7 access to the learning material.
  • Offer blended learning to your students by combining e-learning content with instructor-led training.
  • Protect your learning assets from misuse.
  • Get a comprehensive report for each learner based on the total marks scored, percentage achieved, number of answered questions, and many other parameters.
Batch Management

Learners in skill development are grouped in batches. Their course delivery, class schedules, assessment, and certification are managed together.

Upguage LMS helps you bring your entire training organization online with an impressively-built batch management facility. Right from creating batches to assigning trainers, adding students, marking their attendance, and tracking their progress, everything is possible with just a few clicks.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Get rid of maintaining manual records of students in a batch.
  • Flawlessly populate your batches with the right match of students.
  • Assign and reassign (if needed) the trainers of a batch.
  • Allott internal assessment marks to learners of a batch.
  • Mark attendance of students.
  • Track progress/current status of a batch.
Online Assessments

Effective assessments are critical to establishing learners' competency. Upguage offers a solution to get past difficulties of traditional examination involving hours of groundwork and coordination and helps you assess your learners’ skills with frequent assessments.

Upguage facilitates the seamless functioning of various assessment aspects, including fixing the examination eligibility, scheduling an exam, setting up the question paper, candidate verification, conducting exams, and result declaration.

Upguage helps you automate areas of holding assessments that are the most time-consuming for any training provider. For example, you can reduce efforts in building NOS-wise/ lesson-wise/chapter-wise question bank, adding difficulty level to questions, assigning question paper, setting the examination eligibility, executing the exam, and instant checking and result declaration.

Students on Upguage can access their mark sheet as soon as they submit the final question. They can also prepare for the final exam with the help of questions uploaded on Upguage.

Your trainers will love this solution as it saves their time creating tests and tracking the student’s progress.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Set the examination schedule of every batch as per their lesson plan.
  • Design online tests easily in no time.
  • Set up question banks in a hassle-free manner with the help of easy, reusable templates.
  • Add a variety of question types to your question bank by including Subject-type, MCQs (Multiple choice questions), and True/False.
  • Add value to your question bank by including text-based, image-based, and video-based questions.
  • Augment the examination effectiveness with questions randomization, options randomization, varying difficulty levels, negative marking, and copy-paste disabling during the exam.
  • Build a multi-language pool of questions.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual efforts in checking and result generation.
  • Set the time limit, eligibility, pass-fail criteria, no. of attempts, and grading rules for exams.
  • Disable the use of cut, copy, paste, and print screen options during online assessments.
  • Disable any attempt by the student to navigate out of the exam window once the exam begins.
Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom is the heart of an LMS. Literally!

The online training delivery at LMS unfolds here at Virtual classrooms.
Upguage LMS virtual classroom provides everything you need to start teaching online and your learners everything they need to learn online.

This powerful tool eases online training delivery while allowing real-time collaboration between students and trainers. The students have the freedom to attend classes while on the go, using the device of their choice. In addition, they can raise their hand and ask questions, just as they would in a physical classroom.

Upguage integrates popular technologies of your choice - Zoom, Webex, WizIQ, Gotomeeting, and others.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Schedule live training sessions for a batch with integrated videoconferencing features.
  • Offer blended learning sessions with both synchronous and asynchronous types of training for your students.
  • Better the training environment of the classroom with an interactive whiteboard – where your trainer can write, explain, annotate, and collate information.
  • Record live classroom sessions and replay them from the archives whenever needed.
  • Use polling, quiz, survey, and other virtual classroom features to support interactions between students and trainers.
  • Facilitate live screen and content sharing in the classroom.
  • Boost collaboration amongst students by allowing them to share files or chat in groups.
Trainers Capacity Building

Capacity building feature of Upguage LMS takes care of a prominent necessity in the skill development domain – to train and build the capacity of your trainers.

Trainers in the skill ecosystem must remain relevant at all times. Therefore, training partners organize training (ToTs) for these trainers, which help them skill / reskill/upskill themselves. Furthermore, such trainings are essential to facilitate the trainers in their certifications.

Upguage LMS is not only the right tool for your learners; the trainers too benefit from it for their upskilling.

With Upguage LMS reports, you can:
  • Add the details of master trainers who would train the trainers.
  • Include training types as per your requirements.
  • Upload training calendars from time to time.
  • Notify the trainers about upcoming trainings and facilitate them to confirm their availability.
  • Facilitate the trainers to share their feedbacks post training.
  • Track the number of trainers from various training centers who would attend the training.
Placement and Resume Building

Post successful course completion, students look for placements. Training organizations, too, want to help the students get placed.
Upguage LMS is an effective tool to facilitate the students build their resume, upload it, and get notified about placement opportunities.

With Upguage LMS reports, you can:
  • Add companies and post upcoming placement opportunities offered by them.
  • Facilitate students to build multiple copies of their resumes in PDF/Word, and choose a version to share for a specific opportunity.
  • Notify the learners about various job opportunities.
Communication Channels

To enhance the training effectiveness with an engaging and interactive learning experience, Upguage LMS offers a rich variety of integrated communication tools.
Our communication tools promote hassle-free, trainer-student, and peer-to-peer communication.

Upguage’s set of communication tools allow interaction, collaboration, informing, notifying, knowledge-sharing, asking questions/seeking answers, working together through problems, and instant access to help.

With Upguage LMS reports, you can:
  • Facilitate students to use discussion forums and exchange ideas and thoughts on topics related to their training.
  • Allow students to raise queries, which can be responded to by authorized users.
  • Offer a feedback mechanism for learners to share their observations/views/opinions about the trainer and training quality.
  • Build event calendars for users.
  • Notify users about important upcoming events.
  • Build frequently asked questions and answers for the ease of students.
What more does Upguage LMS for Skill development training partners bring to you?

Upguage LMS helps you stay on top of essential info related to learning delivery.
A huge list of benefits your users can avail with Upguage makes it a sought learning management solution.

Upguage offers:
  • Reports and analysis of your learner's learning, trainers' training, placements, assessments, and other such parameters.
  • Responsive Design so that learners stay unrestricted to use a device of their choice for training – smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.
  • Multi-lingual support for online training and assessments.
  • Cloud hosting of training resources.
  • White labeling to customize the solution as per your company domain name and logo.
  • Full LMS data ownership.