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  • LMS for Corporates

    Companies across industries recognize their employees as valuable resources and invest in their growth through corporate training. Understanding this need of the corporates, Upguage has come up with an LMS designed for them.

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Upguage LMS for Corporates delivers an unparalleled online learning and development experience for your employees and helps you keep your company stay competitive. Our cloud-based LMS solution is perfect to help your diversely placed workforce with flexible professional development. Besides, you can substantially cut down your training costs, while improving the productivity of your employees. Upguage ’s e-training platform has all the must-have features for corporates looking for an engaging solution to train their workforce.

Why Upguage ?
  • Build a smarter workforce with 24x7 access to training programs.
  • Revamp your employee training with blended learning options that combines online training with instructor-led training.
  • To cater to your unique training needs, Upguage LMS offers a built-in content authoring tool that eliminates the necessity for you to install external content creation applications.
  • Put your employee trainings on autopilot with Upguage .
  • Send notifications to your employees for improving their training completion rates.
  • Provide an engaging learning experience to your employees by offering them tools such as discussion forums, queries, etc. so that they can share their views, ideas, and comments with others.
  • Assess the knowledge of your employees by conducting tests through LMS.

Training Process at Upguage LMS for Corporates

For New Recruits

Upguage LMS provides a great employee onboarding experience to the new hires, whether they are freshers or experienced.

  • Step – 1: Employee is assigned orientation training, which is mandatory for all new joinees.
  • Step – 2: A Pre-Test is conducted via LMS to test the new joinee’s knowledge about their job role.
  • Step – 3: Training is assigned based on the results of the pre-test.
  • Step – 4: A Post-Test is conducted via LMS to test the new employee’s knowledge after training completion. Based on their result, they’ll either move to the next step, else they’ll go back to training (step 3).
  • Step – 5: The employee gets a course completion certificate, certifying his skills/knowledge in the specific domain.
For Existing Employees

To enhance employee productivity, Upguage LMS offers the upskilling and reskilling facility for existing employees.

  • Step – 1: A Pre-Test is conducted via LMS to test the employee’s knowledge about their job role.
  • Step – 2: Training is assigned based on the results of the pre-test.
  • Step – 3: A Post-Test is conducted via LMS to test the employee’s knowledge after training completion. Based on their result, they’ll either move to the next step, else they’ll go back to training (step 2).
  • Step – 4: The employee gets a course completion certificate, certifying his skills/knowledge in the specific domain.

Highlights of the solution

For Company administrators
  • Smarter administration with automation of employee training.
  • A central repository of course content assets.
  • Scalable course content management.
  • Skill certifications.
  • Employee management.
For trainers/instructors
  • Remote training room management.
  • Facilitate training sessions.
  • Seamless training delivery for your fully digital and blended training modules.
  • Online assessments, assignments, and performance grading of employees
  • Access to trainers training material
For employees (learners)
  • 24x7 access to course material
  • Access to virtual classroom
Training Course Management

This amazingly designed feature of Upguage LMS helps you easily create and manage training programs for the onboarding of new recruits and other compliance training purposes. You can assign specific courses to your employees and track their progress by conducting LMS-based assessments.
Moreover, Upguage Corporate LMS acts as the centralized repository of learning content for companies, facilitating them to efficiently deliver content for employee development training.
With Upguage LMS, corporates can easily build and deliver training courses and have them all stored at a common location.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Design appealing and engaging training content with the help of pre-built templates.
  • Store all of your course material at a single location on the cloud instead of spreading it out over multiple devices and locations.
  • Cut down your training course development costs.
  • Update the training course content with a single click, in a hassle-free manner, whenever required.
  • Use SCORM compliant, intuitive authoring tools to create your training assets and assemble them into courses.
  • Provide 24x7 access to course material to your employees.
  • Select from a variety of content formats – PDF, presentation, text, audio, video, images, URL, etc.
Learning Management

With Upguage LMS, you just need to create your employee training programs once and then assign them to the team members as and when required.
Employees are generally busy, and if the training they are supposed to attend, doesn’t fit into their schedule, they will surely miss it.
The simplicity of Upguage makes sure your team doesn't feel burdened with the online training it offers and instead accepts this as an opportunity to learn and grow.
Use this superbly built feature of Upguage to involve your staff members (both new and old) in online training regularly, thus ensuring their continuous learning.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Plan a hassle-free learning process for your staff.
  • Conveniently stop worrying about arranging training infrastructure such as training rooms, seating arrangement, etc., and instead focus on improving employee productivity.
  • Easily schedule training, inform the employees, find instructors, and other resources you would need to organize training sessions.
  • Let your employees learn at their own pace without any pressure.
  • Offer live training sessions to employees with integrated videoconferencing features.
  • Organize blended learning sessions.
  • Enhance the training environment of your classroom with the support of an interactive whiteboard – that your trainer would need to write, explain, annotate, and collate ideas.
  • Record live training sessions and replay them.
  • Give access to archived lessons, tutorials, and other resources to students.
Assessment Management

Once the training assigned to employees is completed, it’s essential to check if they have accomplished what they were supposed to and if they have retained the knowledge.
Assessment tools offered by Upguage LMS help you understand how efficiently your employees have undergone training and upgraded their skill set.
Our LMS will automate all the assessment processes that include building a question bank, assigning question paper, adding the examination eligibility, executing the exam, and everything in-between.
Evaluation of skills and knowledge with Upguage LMS is accurate and super fast. You and your employees can happily access the mark sheet as soon final question is submitted.
This feature saves your time to create tests frequently and track the learner’s progress.

Types of assessment offered by Upguage LMS
  • Pre-test: This test is conducted for the employee before a new training is assigned to him/her. Its purpose is to determine the level of knowledge the employee has, prior to him/her undergoing LMS based course/training.
  • Post-training test: This test is conducted after training completion to assess the employee’s learning. It provides quantitative grades at the end of training to evaluate and determine if learning objectives were met.
  • Practice test: Practice tests are issued to learners from time to time. They can be assigned multiple times to employees to familiarize them with the kind of knowledge and skills they must have post their training.
With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Automate the competency building of your team with the help of assessments.
  • Design online tests for your employees in no time.
  • Whether it is skill-based training, technical training, job-specific training, or any other kind of training, easily set up question banks with the help of reusable templates.
  • Build a robust question bank to assess your employees by including a variety of question types, including MCQs (Multiple choice questions) and True/False.
  • Enrich your question bank by including text-based, image-based, and video-based questions.
  • Improve the effectiveness of assessments with the help of questions randomization, options randomization, difficulty levels, negative marking, and copy-paste disabling.
  • Include a multi-language pool of questions.
  • Eliminate manual efforts in evaluation by generating an instant result.
  • Set the pass-fail and grading rules for exams.
  • Set the time limit of the exam and no. of attempts to answer questions.
  • Customize the examination approval process as per your company’s requirements.
Users and Roles Management

LMS user roles hold great importance because through them, you can assign the appropriate level of access rights and privileges to others.
To make way for easy data access, Upguage LMS helps you assign different access rights for your employees, instructors, and administrators.
Build your training groups based on designations, roles, etc. to access specific features and send notifications.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Assign privileges and access rights to different roles.
  • Assign roles of trainers, learners, and administrators to active users.
  • Pull out roles-specific reports.
  • Manage learners and instructors.
    • Add new employees manually by using a predefined template.
    • Provide access to learning material.
    • Track employees' learning progress.
Certificates Management

The certifications management feature of Upguage LMS encourages learning engagement of your team members and provides them a sense of accomplishment post their successful training and assessment.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Specify clear rules for different certifications – company orientation, role-specific.
  • Customize the certificate design as per your company's needs.
  • Print, download, or share digital certificates.
  • Facilitate online certificate verification with QR code.
  • Reward those who successfully complete training and assessment.
Rich communication tools

Upguage LMS provides a rich set of communication tools to engage learners in the L&D process.
These communication tools promote not only instructor-learner communication but also peer-to-peer communication amongst learners.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Use discussion forums to facilitate employees to exchange ideas and thoughts on various topics.
  • Provide query management feature to the employees by which they can raise a query, which can then be responded to, by admin.
  • Offer a feedback mechanism whereby the learners can submit feedback about the training, instructor, and training quality at regular intervals.
  • Create and update FAQs for learners.
  • Create event calendars.
  • Allow admins to make certain announcements and learners to get notified.
  • Encourage engagement between learners and instructors with the help of features such as polling, survey, quiz, etc.
  • Allow live screen sharing and content sharing in the online training room.
  • Boost collaboration by allowing file sharing, group chats, and multiple screen sharing.
Reports and Analysis

A training and development solution is incomplete without Reports and Analytics, which provides clear insights about the course assignments, assessments, and certifications.
Understanding that training needs effective evaluation, built-in reports of Upguage LMS fulfill this requirement. Reports and analytics by Upguage help you stay informed of your staff’s progress on metrics such as training completion, assessments status.
Upguage has built-in reports relevant for individual roles.

With Upguage LMS reports, you can:
  • Take better company-wide decisions and get a clear picture of training progress.
  • Access the online assessments report of an individual employee, role, or the entire company.
  • Check the learner’s satisfaction ratings through their feedback reports.
  • Track online training certifications
What more does Upguage LMS for Corporates bring to you?

Upguage LMS for Corporates makes the learning experience of your employees simple, enjoyable, and intuitive. It is the best solution to help you manage the training needs of your company.

Upguage offers:
  • Responsive Design to engage your employees 24x7, using devices of their choice – smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.
  • Seamless integrations with video conferencing bring all the SaaS businesses together in one single learning application.
  • Multi-lingual support for online training and assessments.
  • Cloud hosting of all your training and learning needs.
  • White labeling to use your company domain name and logo, such that it feels LMS is part of your company.
  • Complete data ownership of LMS.