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    In this golden era of innovation in the learning landscape, more schools are shifting gears to adopt virtual teaching and learning models for a streamlined education experience. Given that “virtual teaching and learning” has become the new normal and is here to stay, Upguage has come up with an LMS solution for Schools that is flexible, scalable, interactive, and supports blended learning.

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In this golden era of innovation in the learning landscape, more schools are shifting gears to adopt virtual teaching and learning models for a streamlined education experience.
Given that “virtual teaching and learning” has become the new normal and is here to stay, Upguage has come up with an LMS solution for Schools that is flexible, scalable, interactive, and supports blended learning.
It brings together all the beneficiaries – students, teachers, and school administrators on a single platform.
Our LMS promises to give your teachers time to focus on the students and education - not the administrative paperwork. Its cloud-based, feature-rich LMS is the perfect solution to all your education management worries. Besides, Upguage facilitates both synchronous and asynchronous learning, making it just the right choice for all types and sizes of schools.

Highlights of the solution
  • Unified teaching and learning management solution for schools.
  • Seamless integration with different third-party tools.
  • Online Live Classroom.
  • Easy teachers and students’ management.
  • Online assessments and assignments.
  • 24x7 Access to learning material
Student Information Management

With Upguage LMS for Schools, say goodbye to data silos.

Instead of having separate applications for students’ admissions and school's education management processes, Upguage offers a unique solution that equips your administrative teams to enroll students, keep accurate records for every learner, class, and teacher, and easily manage teaching / learning processes digitally.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Get a seamless student enrolment experience.
  • Use a CSV/Excel for bulk upload of multiple students data
  • Streamline the class and section allotment process for these students.
  • Access progress reports related to the academic year for all students of a class/section.
  • Track students who need extra support in subjects.
Course Content Management

With Upguage LMS for Schools, create and store educational content for all subjects of all classes in a single place.
Upguage supports multiple course content formats like PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Audio, Video, Images, and many more, allowing you the flexibility to create and edit the content in a combination of formats of your choice.
Keep your course content fresh and relevant by updating it quickly with Upguage .

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Use SCORM compliant authoring tools for building your learning assets and assemble them into courses.
  • Use pre-built templates to design attractive and engaging learning content.
  • Store learning resources at a single location on the cloud.
  • Cut down the course content printing costs.
  • Provide 24x7 access to the relevant learning material for teachers and students.
  • Protect your learning assets.
Online Examination Management

An effective assessment tool to evaluate students' knowledge is vital for a successful LMS. Upguage makes sure you can assess the progress of your students using multiple formats. Our LMS offers you the flexibility to use short quizzes, true-false, multiple-choice, or long questionnaires for conducting online exams. In addition, students have the option to upload their assignments.
Moreover, built-in security controls of Upguage help schools to prevent cheating.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Automate the examination schedule.
  • Design online examinations for your school efficiently.
  • Set up question banks for assessments of every subject/class quickly with the help of reusable templates.
  • Add a variety of question types to your question papers - include Multiple choice questions (MCQs) and True/False.
  • Enrich the school's question bank by including questions that are subjective-type, text-based, image-based, or video-based.
  • Boost the effectiveness of school assessments with features such as questions and options randomization, combination of difficulty levels, inclusion of negative marking, and copy-paste enabling/disabling.
  • Offer a multi-language pool of questions, if needed.
  • Eliminate unnecessary manual efforts in exam evaluation and generate an instant result.
  • Set a customized pass-fail and grading rules for exams
  • Set the time limit and no. of attempts to answer questions
  • Get a comprehensive report for every student/class/section based on the total score, percentage, number of answered questions, and missed questions.
Attendance Management

We understand that managing attendance is key to a great school learning management solution. With this in mind, Upguage allows you to monitor students' and teachers' daily/weekly/monthly attendance.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Allow teachers to quickly mark students’ attendance through a user-friendly interface.
  • Mark your staff’s attendance with ease.
  • Access attendance details for a student/class/teacher.
  • Pull out color-coded attendance status of students.
  • Sync LMS with your bio-metric attendance system.
Teachers Management

Upguage is an effective tool for the teachers as it facilitates them to conduct classes online or offline, track student progress, manage student attendance, manage the course material, conduct online examinations, and do a lot of other relevant activities.

With Upguage LMS, you can:
  • Allow teachers to mark students' attendance.
  • Conduct live classes.
  • Conduct easy online assessments.
  • Pull out course material repository.
  • Create lesson plans.
  • Create and manage timetables.
  • Enable your teachers to work collaboratively with students in the discussion forums.
  • Manage subject/section wise classrooms.
Class Management

At Upguage , we integrate technology into the classroom and bring a flexible and engaging learning delivery to your school. You can include live/online/offline/hybrid learning for education delivery with a lot of ease.
Upguage LMS is built by integrating popular technologies. You can have the apps of your choice included in your virtual classroom – Zoom, Webex, WizIQ, Gotomeeting, and many more

With Upguage LMS reports, you can:
  • Create different sections for classes.
  • Conduct live classes.
  • Get various pedagogical tools to enhance your training delivery.
  • Schedule and launch virtual classes with integrated videoconferencing for all batches.
  • Enhance the learning environment of your classroom with an interactive whiteboard – that your teacher can use to write, explain, and annotate.
  • Record live classroom sessions.
  • Give access of archived lessons, tutorials, and other resources to students.
  • Facilitate classroom interactions between students and teachers with the help of features such as polling, survey, quiz, etc.
  • Allow live content sharing in the classroom.
  • Boost classroom collaboration by allowing features for file sharing, group chats, and multiple screen sharing.
Collaboration & Communication

Promoting an ecosystem of knowledge and information sharing, Upguage LMS provides a rich set of collaboration and communication tools to engage teachers and students in interactions.
We believe that knowledge need not sit in databases, waiting to be accessed whenever required, but it should flow across digital communications channels such as discussion forums, queries, notifications, messages, etc. That’s why our LMS solution brings you tools to engage users in communication that strengthens collaboration.

With Upguage LMS reports, you can:
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer communication via discussion forums that facilitate everyone to exchange information on different subjects.
  • Get a brilliantly designed query management feature for students to raise a query, which can then be responded to by teachers/school administrators. This will help you resolve issues better.
  • Offer a feedback mechanism to your students to share their feedback about the teacher and education process at regular intervals. This will help you get an insight into what's happening in the education domain.
  • Design informative FAQs for students.
  • Create event calendars for students.
  • Allow admins to make important announcements through notifications and students to get notified.
  • Allow student-teacher engagement with the help of LMS-based polling, survey, quiz, etc.
  • Boost collaboration by allowing file sharing, group chats, and multiple screen sharing.
Reports and Analysis

Get an insight into all the essential statistics and check the trend of your school's academic performance with Upguage . Our built-in reports help you get a sense of how all the classes are performing, stay informed of your student’s progress, and take timely corrective measures.

With Upguage LMS reports, you can:
  • Give your students a glimpse of their academic scoreboard
  • Be in a better position to make school-wide decisions on all academic matters.
  • Access real-time assessments reports of students/classes.
  • Track the performance of your teachers.
  • Take a look at the student’s satisfaction ratings through their feedback reports.
  • Use dashboards, statistical and graphical analysis to track students' performance on grades scored in internal and final exams, time spent online, assignments submitted, or content viewed.
  • Use filters to dig into essential data related to your school courses, students, and teachers.