Journal Management System

Journal Management System

  • Journal Management System

    By: Upguage Solutions Private Limited

    The Journal Leap is a Journal management system for scientific electronic journals. It allows to exchange of information between publishers, doctors, users and service providers like Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies.

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Journal Leap helps organizations to access the profession journals from our journal repository with a minimum cost and share with your healthcare professionals, medical representatives, and researchers.

  • Our Journal bank has vast categories and various editions of journals
  • Browse and purchase the journals using our advance search facility and grab the required documents
  • Assign the journals to your health care professionals and medical representatives
  • Only authorized users can access the documents.
  • All the Journals are stored in enterprise secure cloud environment
  • Journals are end-to-end encrypted making it considerably more difficult for someone to make illegal changes
  • Journals can be accessed from anywhere around the globe with proper authentication and authorization
  • High security standards are maintained at central repository where you can put all your documents and files.
  • Maintain your journals with proper versioning
  • An inbuilt version tool with segregates your journals or files with date and time stamp
  • Manage all the versions of each journal easily and can publish only the latest one
  • Search the journals with meta keywords, name, version etc.

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